Propolis Extract

Find Out About The Numerous Health Benefits Of Propolis Extract

Bee propolis extract is something that is gaining a huge following amongst people who use natural supplements to improve health. Commonly referred to as bee glue, the extract is home to a variety of health boosting nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential proteins and antioxidants.

People often think they are improving their health by taking a multi-vitamin supplement, but these are synthetic and often the body can’t use them. This extract is a food source which means all the nutrients it contains are completely natural and easily absorbed by the body.

So what exactly is this supplement?

Propolis Explained

This substance is found on the bark of certain trees such as the poplar and conifer variety. It is collected by worker bees who take it back to their hives. When they arrive, they are joined by other worker bees and the substance is unloaded into the hive.

Once unloaded, the worker bees mix it with saliva and wax flakes which gives it a glue-like texture. It is then used to cover the walls of the hive and hold it firmly together.

After the discovery of the health benefits of bee pollen, scientists were soon looking into the health benefits of propolis and were amazed by what they found!

One of the primary benefits is that it may be able to help prevent diseases of the colon. This is because it is able to destroy viruses and fungi that try to form due to its powerful antimicrobial properties.

The Full Benefits Of This Extract

Just like bee pollen, propolis has been used throughout history to treat a wide range of health problems. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and can help treat both viral and bacterial infections.

In Europe, it is commonly used to treat peptic ulcers as it has a healing effect on the digestive tract.

The full benefits include the following:

  • Free radicals – The extract contains many antioxidants that neutralize free radical toxins in the body. If left alone, free radicals cause damage to healthy cells which can lead to disease.
  • Infections – Because it is a natural antimicrobial, it can help protect the body from bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungal infections.
  • Immune System – The numerous vitamins and minerals in propolis all promote a healthy immune system.
  • Healthy Liver – It ensures that free radicals are neutralized before they reach the liver. If the liver is constantly trying to deal with toxins, it may underperform.
  • Herpes – Propolis is often included as an ingredient in many genital herpes ointments.
  • Wounds – Many creams used to treat wounds and burns contain the extract.
  • Oral health – Is beneficial in the treatment of mouth ulcers and dental conditions like gingivitis.

productYou can see from the above just how beneficial the extract is!

You can purchase supplements that contain bee pollen and this extract online, and adding it to your regular diet will ensure that you are on your way towards optimal health. They can provide you with a very welcome boost!

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So always do your research before acquiring any product, and we hope the analysis that we have done for you on this page is useful.

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